Diseased gum

Diseased gum pocket and bony defect (D).

 Membrane placement

Placement of the Membrane (M) during sugical therapy.

 Bone regeneration

Bone regeneration and integration.

 Restored gums

Restoration of health.

Advancements in Periodontal Therapy have made it possible to regrow bone around individual teeth!  This sounds complicated but is very easy to go through.  We use local anesthetic ("Novocaine") to make the procedure totally comfortable for our patients. 

As the pictures above show,  Bone Regeneration utilizes a membrane placed between the gum and a bone graft. It acts as a barrier, excluding the faster growing gum cells from growing into the bone graft and pushing it out while the bone is starting to harden. Usually the  bone graft is obtained from a tissue bank. The membrane dissolves over time. 

The objective is to restore or regrow previously lost bone and support for the teeth.  In an area where teeth have been removed, the procedure often will facilitate the placement of dental implants.