Dental Implants Cost Aurora Co

Dental Implants Cost Aurora Co

Dental Implants Cost Aurora Littleton CO

Most people who are missing one or more teeth would prefer to use dental implants for tooth replacement, because of their many advantages over other replacement options (such as dentures and bridges). However, some people are also concerned about the cost of dental implants, and may wonder whether they can afford to take advantage of this option.

What do dental implants cost? Are they more or less expensive than other tooth replacement options? Will insurance cover them?

What is the cost of dental implants?

The cost of dental implants for a specific patient depends on many factors, including:

  • The number of dental implants being placed. Some patients need just one dental implant, while others need four to six or even more. It costs more to have more implants placed.
  • Any additional procedures needed. In some cases, patients need additional procedures, such as bone grafts, in order to be able to receive dental implants. Patients with gum disease may need treatments to address this issue before getting implants. Some patients may also have a tooth extraction at the same time that the implant is placed. Any extra procedures will incur additional costs.
  • How complex the procedure is. In some cases, a more complex implant procedure is needed, such as placing zygomatic implants (which extend farther upwards into another part of the bone of the face). More complex procedures will cost more.
  • The skill and experience of the surgeon placing the implants. It may cost less for a regular dentist to place dental implants than for an expert to do it.
  • Geographical area. Like all other goods and services, the price of dental implants varies in different areas, based on the various costs of doing business in that location.

Because all of these factors vary, it’s not possible to give a specific figure for the cost of dental implants. In order to accurately assess the price for a particular patient, an in-person visit is required. This allows for a complete assessment in order to provide an accurate quote for the procedure.

Do dental implants cost more than dentures?

In the short term, dental implants do cost more than dentures. Getting a set of dentures will cost less upfront than getting one or more implants.

However, with any medical procedure, it’s important to consider not just the short term costs, but also the long term costs. Once a dental implant has successfully become integrated into the jaw bone, it can be expected to last for decades. No further treatment will be needed. By contrast, with dentures, the fit will almost always change over time. As the body reabsorbs bone tissue from the jaw, the dentures will no longer fit well. Because the security of dentures relies on their close fit with the gums, the changes in fit will lead to frequent slippage, as well as to discomfort. Patients generally need to get new dentures periodically, to accommodate the changes in fit as the jaw bone changes. 

Over time, with the need to get multiple new sets of dentures, the lifetime cost of dentures often ends up being higher than the cost of dental implants. In addition, the loss of bone tissue from the jaw can cause problems with any remaining natural teeth, which may then require additional expenditures for treatment. Dental implants help to avoid the loss of bone tissue, making it far less likely that you’ll incur these later additional expenses.

Many patients view dental implants as an investment in their future. You’re paying a bit more now, in order to avoid the expense, hassle, and discomfort of needing additional treatments in the future. A dental implant also offers greater comfort, security, and aesthetic appeal than other tooth replacement options, so you’re investing in these things as well.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

If you have dental insurance, then it’s possible that your insurance might provide partial coverage for your implant procedure. Unfortunately, under many insurance plans, dental implants are not a covered service. These plans only pay for the option which is cheaper up front, which is dentures. However, there are some insurance plans that do cover dental implants. The best way to find out is to call your insurance company and ask. Our front desk staff will be happy to help you with this, because we know that dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be frustrating.

Even if insurance doesn’t cover the implant itself, it may still cover the crown or denture that sits on top of the implant. This can help to reduce the cost of the procedure.

Keep in mind that dental insurance almost always covers only a portion of the cost of dental services, most commonly 50%. In addition, patients nearly always have a deductible, meaning a certain amount that the patient is responsible for before the insurance plan will begin paying. Even if your dental implants are covered by your insurance, this doesn’t mean that you won’t need to pay anything at all.

Dental Implants Cost Aurora Littleton CO

If you’re considering getting one or more dental implants, then we invite you to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our expert surgeons, Dr. Kenneth J. Versman, Dr. Douglas A. Heller, Dr. Eric M. Beckman, and Dr. Daniel Thousand. After an exam and a discussion of your medical history, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote for what your implant procedure would cost. We will also be happy to talk with you about what your other options are for replacing your missing tooth or teeth. You can then decide whether or not you’d like to proceed with getting dental implants. To schedule your appointment, simply contact our front desk. You can call our Aurora office at 303-755-4500 or our Littleton office at 303-795- 5700.