What made you want to work in the dental field?
When I was in junior high I got braces. I was fascinated by the whole process. Ever since then I knew I wanted to be in the dental field.

Are you originally from Colorado? If not when did you move here, from where? What is your favorite part about living here?
I am originally from Nebraska. My husband and I moved here in the winter of 1988. My favorite part of Colorado is the weather. We get all 4 seasons and lots of sun.

When did you start working at Periodontal Associates? What’s your favorite part about working here?
I started working here in April. My fellow employees are all so nice and make the work day fun and fly by.

What do you think makes Periodontal Associates stand out from other Periodontal offices?
The friendly staff and the longevity of how long the employees have been here that makes a big different to our patients. They like seeing the same faces every time they come to our office.