What made you want to become a dental assistant?
I originally didn’t intend to be a dental assistant. Initially it was a job while I was finishing up my degree in journalism. I ended up falling in love with assisting and chose to stay in that field. I have now been a dental assistant for 13 years.

When did you start working at Periodontal Associates? What’s your favorite part about working here?
I started at Periodontal Associates in September of 2015. My favorite part about working here is assisting with surgeries.

What’s your favorite part of being an assistant?
My favorite part of being an assistant is helping with surgeries. We have three amazing periodontists here, and I love watching them perform surgeries. I truly admire their abilities. Additionally, I love meeting and helping people. Everyone has a story and I enjoy getting to know all of our patients. They are always so grateful.

What doctor do you usually work with? What is your favorite part about working with them?
I work with Dr. Beckman the most. I enjoy working with Dr. Beckman because he is very good at what he does. Not only is he an amazing surgeon, he is an impressive health care provider. Dr. Beckman genuinely cares about his patients, and in turn his patients trust and respect him.

What do you think makes Periodontal Associates stand out from other periodontal offices?
Periodontal Associates stands out from other periodontal offices because of two reasons: this office has a very friendly and caring staff who works together as a team and this office boasts three experienced, highly skilled periodontists who take great pride in their work. All our doctors honestly care about all their patients