What made you want to work in the dental field?
I stumbled upon an administrative assistant position in 2008 not knowing it was in a dental office. I got the job and I have been in dental ever since. I love seeing patients get their smiles and confidence back.

Are you originally from Colorado? If not when did you move here, from where? What is your favorite part about living here?
I was born in Alaska and lived there for two years, my family moved to Arizona for 2 years and then moved to Colorado in 1989, and I have lived here ever since. My favorite part about living in Colorado is the beautiful scenery and the multitude of activities this great state offers.

When did you start working at Periodontal Associates? What’s your favorite part about working with the hygienists?
I started working here in March. I love seeing how much the hygienists care about our patients.

What do you think makes Periodontal Associates stand out from other Periodontal offices?
Our office works as a team with a patient oriented focus. We strive to treat everyone with kindness from the phone to when they’re here for their appointments.