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Periodontal Root and Tissue Therapy

Periodontal root and tissue therapy is the first stage of periodontal therapy. The immediate objective of periodontal root and tissue therapy in Aurora and Littleton with our team is to remove the causes of gum disease that have formed around and under the gums.

When Is Periodontal Root and Tissue Therapy Needed?

The primary cause of gum disease and tooth bone loss is the plaque and tartar that forms around and especially under the gums. Think of these irritants as being similar to having a splinter under your skin. Once the splinter is removed the skin can begin to heal. This is the same analogy that pertains to removing the plaque and tarter from under the gum. Once these irritants are removed the gums have the opportunity to begin to heal.

By disrupting the bacteria, smoothing the roots where the bacteria have been growing and removing the irritants that cause disease, our Littleton and Aurora periodontal root and tissue therapy team creates the potential for inflammation to subside, gum shrinkage and tightening to occur, and gums to reattach to the teeth.

The bacteria which lives under the gums not only destroys your bone but also causes spaces to occur between the gum and the teeth. We call these spaces “gum pockets” which can become quite deep. If they get too deep you cannot clean them and the infection is free to continue to quietly destroy more bone. Root and tissue therapy reduces the depth of the “pockets,” facilitates your ability to clean the areas, and in turn reduces the extent of any additional treatments which may still be necessary.

What Can I Expect After Periodontal Root and Tissue Therapy?

While surgery is frequently needed after root planing to eliminate remaining infection, patients will have less discomfort and less surgical involvement. By reducing the contaminants and the bacteria with scaling and root planing, there is also less chance of post-operative infection and healing is enhanced. These procedures are usually performed by our specially trained dental hygienist

Discomfort to this treatment is surprisingly very minimal. When having root and tissue treatment, topical and local anesthetics are routinely used and nitrous oxide analgesia can be used for additional comfort.

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