Meet Dr. Beckman
Dr. Beckman is a periodontist in the Denver - Aurora, Colorado area who is dedicated to treating gum disease, gingivitis and replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Education and Background

B.S. - University of Puget Sound, Puget Sound, WA - 2003 

D.D.S. - University of Minnesota Dental School, Minneapolis, MN - 2008

M.S. with focus on biochemical engineering of titanium surfaces - University of Minnesota Dental School, Minneapolis, MN - 2012

Certificate of Advanced Education in Periodontology - University of Minnesota Dental School, Minneapolis, MN - 2012 

American Academy of Periodontology
American Dental Association
American Student Dental Association
International Association of Dental Research
LIGA International - Flying Doctors of Mercy
Midwest Society of Periodontology
Minnesota Dental Association
Rocky Mountain Society of Periodontists

Volunteer Activities
Dental Humanitarian Aid
Ski Patrol

American Academy of Periodontology 2008 Dental Student Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in periodontics


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